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Self Introduction
Last update 2020-08-15
1 Gender Male
2 Barth date Secret
3 Country JAPAN
4 Language Japanese
5 Blood type Majority in Japan
6 Birthplace Mizushima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama
7 Homeland Around Tama Den-en-toshi and Kohoku New town
8 Residence (Same as above)
9 Occupation IT engineer(NW architect)
10 Hobby, activities Walking(both in urban and in nature)
Check the manufacture of elavators and escalator(I wished to design the mechanism of elevators)
11 Savings cash in bank / Stocks(already quit cryptocurrencies)
12 Expensive shopping ever?? Gold bullion
13 Uses of bonus No particular(I will save)
14 If receive million dollars.. The half for investing in institutes / Another for the precious
15 Model of mobile phone HUAWEI P20(docomo&IIJmio)
16 Model of PC (Desktop) Mac mini (2018) (hp machine is used as a TV recorder)
17 Model of PC (Mobile) Dell Inspiron 5391 (Already sold old Let'snote)
18 Boast? I have memorized 100 digits of pi
19 Experience of PC From 1998 (using Hotmail from 2001)
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